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Pamoja International Cultural Exchange Inc. proudly offers the chance to be expoxed to exciting cultures through travel, workshop, and exhibits. From Canada to Bermuda to Africa, the world and its diverse cultures can be at your fingertips. We also put on multi-cultural events and festivals locally.

At-Risk Youth
Our travel opportunities and workshops help at-risk youth understand and respect other cultures. Through travel mentorships and role models, they get a broader view of life and goals that can be reached. We also have a motivational speaker on staff who speaks about getting life started, courage, and culture diversity issues including clothing, language, being sensitive and respectful, and how they could be insulting someone and not even aware of it. Youth can also fund raise and get sponsors to raise money to help offset travel costs.


Culturally Diverse Cruises Include: Canada, St. Johns, New Brunswick, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Rome Italy, Florence, Pisa, Cannes France, Mote Carlo, Monaco, Barcelona, Spain, Gibraltar, Casablanca, Morocco, Canary Islands, Fortaleza, Brazil, Barbados, Dominica


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We Offer Speaking Engagements on Cultural Sensitivity For:

Institutions • Youth Divisions of the Government • Correctional Facilities for Employees to Learn Cultures

Art Exhibits Include:

Promote Artists • After-School Programs • Artist Merchandise for Sale

Membership for Artist of Dance, Song, Art, & Design-Allows Them to Teach about Their Culture

Contact us for more information on foreign travel locations and specifics.